Bespoke Learning Packages

Students who arrive at Norton College have all found learning in other educational environments difficult, and feel they have failed educationally. 
Clearly this isn’t the case; rather the previous establishments have been unable to meet their complex learning.


Designing Bespoke Learning Packages

A curriculum diet that a young person feels is not based around their particular needs is often the cause of much frustration and anxiety. Consequently, by electing to create a bespoke learning programme based around the young person’s aims and aspirations, we can engage the young person purposefully in their learning and improve their outcomes.

Bespoke learning packages are designed around both academic and vocational subjects and invariably are sufficiently flexible in order to accommodate individual learning styles for the students.

Our aim is to move away from the ‘can’t do’ and ‘can’t achieve’ attitude that the majority of newly referred youngsters display and move towards a ‘can do’ and ‘can achieve’ attitude that will lead to future success and greater personal wellbeing. 

We are very conscious that some students find learning during the main part of the day challenging and counter-productive. Consequently we organise learning sessions from mid-afternoon through to approx 5pm for students who find the learning during normal school hours challenging. During these times there are fewer students in the College and a much greater staff availability which ensures effective learning can take place. We would gradually aim to increase the students time in College during the day in order to enhance their social experiences.


Home Support

Some students have complex needs requiring educational support at home while they adjust, adapt and integrate into college life. We work closely with these students in their own homes to build their confidence, enabling them to access the community. We are also able to provide the facility for students to take academic qualifications in their own home if necessary. 

Please contact us for more information on our bespoke timetables and to discuss how we can accommodate your requirements.

“Staff encourage students to keep trying new ways to solve problems. This means that students’ self- esteem develops well. They become more confident and so they try new work and persevere when they get stuck with a difficult task. They worked diligently to repair a boat using wood even though the task seemed very difficult at the beginning when they looked at the curved sides and edges.”

Ofsted Report Oct 2014

School Closure
1 Mar 2018

Norton College will be closed to students and staff on Friday 2nd March 2018, due to the severe weather conditions. College will reopen Monday 5th...

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