Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is built around the importance of ‘Kindness and Warmth’ and ‘Compassion’ and is designed to be supportive and non-confrontational in its response. 

Students are expected to engage in positive and purposeful behaviours that will allow them to function effectively as confident purposeful adults who are able to take up their rightful place in society.  

Whilst at Norton students will gain the crucial skills of resilience and tolerance of others and will understand the importance of being able to ‘Put things right’ rather than ‘making things worse’. 

Students will become competent at self-regulating their emotions and will be aware of how their behaviour can impact into others. 

Here at Norton we maintain 4 basic expectations that we believe are expectations for life - for family life, for an effective working life and for a purposeful life in society.

These expectations are as follows:-

• Follow instructions
• Keep hands feet and other objects to yourself
• Don’t say things that might upset people, including teasing and swearing
• Stay where you’re supposed to be.


The College doesn’t operate a sanctions system as it is clear that the vast majority of our students have had many sanctions in the past all of which have only served to build greater barriers between the place of learning and the students and have not resolved the initial issue nor improved behaviour. 

Therefore, rather than build barriers we have elected to remove them and place a greater emphasis on ‘restoring good order’ and ‘putting things right’ which is often initially very difficult for a young person but incredibly rewarding when the skill is mastered.  

Students all carry a ‘Green Card’ which records their achievements during the day. The Green Card allows staff to score a student’s performance each time they attend a session. The score is based on the student’s previous performance in the lesson and not set against any other students performance. Individual targets can be included on the card and the student will receive his /her mark based on the work towards this target.
Students can receive the following scores each lesson:

5 – Outstanding
4 – Very good
3 -  Good
2-   Satisfactory
1 – Poor
0 – Cause for concern


Students are expected to take their cards home each evening which allows parents/ carers to see how their young person is managing in College and to mark the card to indicate they have read the card. 

Each student will accumalate a daily total and in turn a weekly total which is converted into pocket money.

Students can earn a maximum of £10.00 pocket money per week.

We know that in society the harder you work then the more you are able to earn, therefore if a student has met his or her targets for the week they are able to do a job in the College on Friday for an additional £5.00. Such jobs may include for example - litter picking, painting, garden maintenance and general jobs that benefit the College community. 

The Green Card also acts as a passport which allows students to access off site trips and teaches students how to look after important cards they may have in the future such as credit cards and travel passes etc. 

Once points have been awarded, staff are not able to remove them and the only way they can be lost is if a student either throws the card away or refuses to hand it in for counting. Of course, if a student does throw the card away we would always endeavour to rebuild the card and ‘put things right’ to ensure they still received their pocket money.

College staff will never refer to previous poor behaviours  and will always treat the young people as they see them. We expect students to develop respect and resilience that will allow them to learn to self-regulate their emotions and to move forward positively in their lives. 

For students to interact in the way they always did will only serve to ensure they’ll get what they always got. Therefore Norton College endeavours to ensure students focus on a different way which will produce different, more beneficial results.

“My child’s behaviour has been completely turned around.”

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