Complaints Procedure

Parents have the right to make a formal complaint in relation to any concerns or about the school curriculum.

If a parent feels that any of these matters are not being dealt with properly as far as their child is concerned, they may use this procedure to make a complaint. Parents should in the first instance raise any concerns they may have with the Headteacher.
It is hoped that any complaints will be resolved by talking to the child’s teacher or Headteacher, making sure there are no misunderstandings.

In accordance with regulation 7 of the Education Regulations 2003, all formal complaints will be addressed using the following procedure – 

(a) all correspondence is in writing;

(b) a copy of the procedure is available on request to parents of pupils at the school;

(c) there are clear time scales for the management of a complaint;

(d) the complaint can be made and considered initially on an informal basis;

(e) where the parents are not satisfied with the response to the complaint made in accordance with paragraph (d), the complaint can then be made in writing;

(f) where the parents are not satisfied with the response to the complaint made in accordance with paragraph (e), a hearing before a panel appointed by or on behalf of the College, and consisting of at least three people who were not directly involved in the matter, will address the complaint;

(g) in the panel hearing the complaint, one person will be independent of the management and running of the College

(h) parents attending a panel hearing may be accompanied if they wish;

(i) the panel will make findings and recommendations. It will stipulate that the complainant, Directors and head teacher, and where relevant the person complained about, are given a copy of any findings and recommendations;

(j) a written record will be kept of all complaints, and of whether they are resolved at the preliminary stage or proceed to a panel hearing;

(k) all correspondence, statements and records relating to individual complaints will be kept confidential, except where the Secretary of State or a body conducting an inspection under section 163 of the 2002 Act requests access to them


Complaints Procedure Timeline

The following timeline will be used to respond to all complaints -
1. Informal complaint – Response within 3 days of complaint being made
2. Written complaint - Response within 3 days of receiving written complaint
3. Panel hearing – To be arranged  within 1 week after request for panel hearing
4. Panel hearing decision – To be sent within 3 days after panel hearing
** All discussions and paperwork associated with complaints are strictly confidential **

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