Our Team

Our approach to education at Norton College is unique and our success lies with the strength of our team. We have a highly skilled team of teachers, tutors and assistants all working together for the benefit of the students.

We are able to enhance our team by drawing on external professionals such as Speech and Language therapists, Educational Psychologists and the School nurse as the need arises.

Since our philosophy differs so much from mainstream education, we need a more cohesive and adaptable team to accommodate the individual needs of our students. The success of our team has been demonstrated by the recent excellent outcomes which confirm that, by transforming the way we deal with young people, we can change the outcomes. 

Our team is the most valuable resource Norton College has. It includes qualified teachers, tutors and support assistants all of whom understand and are committed to the College philosophy. 


  • Ian Hardicker

    Ian Hardicker

    Head Teacher & Educational Director

    Ian Hardicker has 38 years experience working in special schools across the country and 20 years experience as Headteacher leading three special schools including Norton College. Ian is able to effectively draw on this extensive experience to the benefit of the students at the College.


  • Rebecc Kenny

    Rebecca Kenny

    Deputy Head

    Rebecca, has been teaching extensively for the last 18 years in both mainstream and special provisions; with primary school pupils, high school pupils and sixth form students. Rebecca uses her experience to support all staff and students at Norton College, with a particualr focus upon attendance, examination results and pastoral support.





The College employs a range of qualified teachers who manage the academic subjects here in college plus a further teacher who leads the home tuition team for students who may, for a variety of reasons, find accessing the college challenging. 



The College employ specialist tutors in a range of vocational subjects plus tutors who work with a range of special needs and apply their expertise to the students benefit.


Support Assistants

The College employs a range of support assistants who work with the students to ensure they are able to access their learning effectively. The College will also commission external professionals such as Speech and language Therapists, Educational Psychologists and School Nurses etc to compliment the work of the College as and when the need arises.


All staff who are employed here at Norton are here because they understand and are committed to the Norton College Philosphy.

“Safeguarding is robust. Pupils feel safe at all times. This feeling of security helps pupils to settle down. Parents greatly value the school's work in making such a difference to their children's behaviour and confidence .”

Ofsted Report May 2018

Outstanding for Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare!
31 May 2018

Ofsted May 2018 finds Norton College to be a Good school for overall effectiveness.   ​Effectiveness of leadership and management Good  Quality...

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It is important to note that Norton College does not have any association with Holistic Education Therapy (HET). Any reference to Norton College on the HET is website is NOT authorised and is not compatible with the ethos and philosophy of Norton College.