Outreach Support

If needed, we can provide outreach support to local schools. We offer short to medium-term tailored packages to help individual students successfully ease back into mainstream schools.

Schools can request our support if, for example, they need help regarding behaviour management or engaging a young person socially. We can provide specialist advice and tutoring to support educational programmes for students who are not achieving in school. We will also support the school to help the student to move away from entrenched behaviour.

Once the student is reintegrated back into their original school, we will assist the school in designing an educational package to meet the student’s needs.

Importantly, we will also work closely with the school to establish the root cause of the problem and to avoid problems recurring in the future.

Please contact us for more information on our outreach support to local schools, or to discuss your own specific requirements.

“Students’ spiritual development is promoted well and so they become more confident in their abilities and are keen to try new activities and learn skills.”

Ofsted Report Oct 2014

School Closure
1 Mar 2018

Norton College will be closed to students and staff on Friday 2nd March 2018, due to the severe weather conditions. College will reopen Monday 5th...

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