Advice for parents

  • What’s the admission process for Norton College?

    The admission process has a few key elements:

    – Local Authorities will forward the Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan and seek our view as to whether we are able to meet the young person’s educational needs as described in the plan.
    – The College will inform the referring Local Authority of the outcome of their evaluation. Only when authorised to do so will the College proceed to interview the young person which will always include the main carer.
    – Once the College indicates they feel they are able to meet the needs as described in the EHC plan, plus the parents or carers understand and accept the philosophy of the College and crucially the young person indicates they want to be part of the College then a place will be offered.
    – Once a place is offered, the local Authority will be informed and an admission date will be set.

  • How will parents be kept updated on their child’s progress?

    Each student will have an Annual Review of their Education, Health and Care Plan which will involve the young person, parents/carers and associated professionals. These gatherings are formal meetings and parents are encouraged to ensure they prioritise their attendance.

    Parents and carers are welcome to visit the College without an appointment and will be seen by the most senior member of staff available. However our advice for parents is if there’s a specific concern or request to meet with a named colleague, we would recommend making an appointment.

  • Do you provide any transport in helping students get to the College?

    Yes, we provide transport to our students as we believe it’s a key element to their continued success. It also allows our staff to meet with parents face to face which is invaluable in creating trust. Some of our students are provided transport by the Local Authority.

  • Does Norton College help with administering a child’s medication?

    Students who are prescribed medication must receive this medication prior to attending the College each day. If there is a requirement for medication to be administered during the College day, the parents or carers are asked to contact the College to make suitable arrangements. The College staff are unable to dispense any medication that is not prescribed by a Doctor. Please ensure your admission form details any medical issues.

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