Following approval from the DfE to increase our student numbers from 40 to 50, we’ve been recruiting more staff. Our newest member of staff at Norton College Tewkesbury is English subject lead teacher, Kate Lambert.

Kate has been with us just over a month and has settled in so quick, it’s like she’s been here much longer and has already built many positive relationships with our students.

Kate has shared:

“I was welcomed to Norton College at the beginning of February; and as well as working with students, they have also been helping me to create an engaging, safe space to study English.

I have a wealth of teaching experience, and I am very passionate about all aspects of English, in particular reading. My teaching ethos begins with building confidence and relationships, and then moving on to challenging students and encouraging them to take risks.

I am a firm believer that there are books for everyone and I’m hoping to expand the students’ knowledge genres, building upon the texts we have in college. Reading is a life skill which I am hoping to get the students engaged and enthusiastic about. ”