Students from both Norton College Tewkesbury and Worcester meet quite regularly at the DfE registered farm we use.

To celebrate the end of this half-term, students and staff decided to host a joint BBQ at the farm for all those working there as well as themselves.

Normal day to day duties, such as mucking out and feeding animals had to happen first. Students enjoyed their burgers in the sunshine for all their hard work.










These farm days are a vital key for lots of our students who have withdrawn standardised learning by accessing a bespoke and creative package. It helps our students grow their confidence, learn new skills and really get stuck in with hands on work.

The difference we have seen to some of our students attending the farm over the years, has been life-changing and has helped students in more ways than just academically.


Looking forward to the summer term, it’s always the best time to attend the farm, with the warm weather!