Following our recent Ofsted visit in summer 2022, Norton College Tewkesbury have recruited a History & Geography subject lead teacher, Laura Smith.

Laura started with us just before Christmas and has been working hard over the last few months to get students involved and create an inviting learning space.

Laura has shared:

“Since rolling out Humanities in January many of our students have taken the opportunity to expand upon their knowledge in this area. The aim has been to develop students’s interest and engagement in History and Geography through covering topics of specific interest to them as well relevant, current world events. In Geography we are currently looking into plate tectonics following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and in History our main focus this term is on Medicine throughout the ages.

Students are enjoying creating a timeline of historical events on the humanities wall using their knowledge of chronology and their art skills and we are looking into transforming the room into a safe space that students will enjoy spending their time in.

In January,  we celebrated Chinese New Year by cooking various Chinese dishes and taking part in a quiz. Next week we will be marking International Women’s Day by researching extraordinary women who have made an impact on the world throughout history and we will be making a display to showcase their work on this.”