Since the Government implemented changes in September 2021, both sites have appointed a PSHE teacher and a tutor. PSHE is appropriate for students from Entry Level 2 up to GCSE level.

As a result of this, students have been growing their knowledge around the main subjects such as; Self-Awareness, Managing Feelings, Changing and Growing, Healthy Lifestyles, the World I Live In and Self-Care, Support and Safety. Students have been completing work towards these topics through debates, conversations, visits and worksheets.

Some of the subjects covered so far this year include international and national holidays such as; 9/11 Anniversary, Black History Month, Mental Health Awareness Week, International Women’s Day, International Monkey Day, International Morse Code Day,  Health and Safety CPR practice and more!

Students have covered some sensitive subjects from 9/11 to puberty so far this year. It’s been great to see more and more getting involved in conversations and developing their interpersonal skills.

We are currently celebrating/raising awareness around Neuro-Diversity Week and discussing ongoing issues between Ukraine and Russia.