We have been fortunate that the Angel has been on display in Worcester City centre this month. Groups of our students from both Norton College sites have been into town to visit and to find out the importance of the beautiful sculpture.

The knife angel is a sculpture that is made from over 100,000 seized blades. It was specifically created to highlight the negative effects of violent behaviour whilst solidifying the critical need for social change. Not only does the Angel act as a catalyst for turning the tide on violent and aggressive behaviour, but it also acts as a beautiful memorial designed to celebrate those lives who have been lost through these violent and thoughtless actions.

Completed in 2018, the structure of the angel stands at 27 ft (8.2 m) tall. In order to create the sculpture, 200 knife banks were produced by the Ironworks and amnesties held for individuals to anonymously donate their knives. Knives seized by police were also included, with many arriving in evidence tubes. Approximately 30% of knives used in the angel arrived with bodily fluids on their surface