Norton College have been exemplary with supporting my 16 year old Asperger son. Kurtis literally was in crisis and at his most fragile point after years of struggling in a mainstream medical unit.

He was made to feel really welcome and respected, he was completely re-assured that there were no boundaries to the level of his needs – and that in itself eased his huge anxieties regarding his education. The college recognised all the positives in him, rather than focusing on the negatives, this instantly increased his low self-esteem and self-belief. He has found stability, focus and an inner motivation to succeed, with every step of the way Norton have been supportive, and given a first class service to not only him as a unique individual, but to us as parents.

For the first time in many years inner peace has been found with their service, structure and belief that they have in my son to maximise and reach his full potential.

He is now a much stronger individual since commencing at Norton, he has hope and motivation for his future after years of self-doubt; he now recognises that with the support that Norton give him both emotionally and educationally, he will achieve his GCSE’s.

As parents, we cannot speak highly enough about Norton and highly recommend them as a college.