By transforming the nature and look of a learning establishment, transforming the way we deliver the curriculum, and transforming the way we deal with the students, we expect to transform the outcomes by breaking down barriers to learning.

Norton College's philosphy is focused on removing barriers to learning.
Inspiring independence

“I want to take young people on a journey from hopelessness to hopefulness, and from a feeling of dependence to independence.”

Ian Hardicker, Education Director, Norton College

Barriers to learning

We have created opportunities to include a range of learning styles through flexible environments that enable students to receive their education in a preferred and bespoke style. Furthermore, we have changed fundamentally the way in which we deliver the curriculum. It is delivered on a 1:1 basis and whilst students have to follow the core subjects, we create a learning programme around their particular interests which ensures the students are more willing to engage.

Norton College's philosphy is focused on removing barriers to learning.
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Tewkesbury Student Stories

Student Stories – Meet JB

JB came to Norton in November, he was shy and reserved and had been through a difficult time in his previous school. As time passed, Norton College staff…

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