What we Offer

Norton College is a specialist independent provider that aims to positively support young people who have a range of complex learning needs through vocational courses and bespoke learning packages.

We offer a fresh start for students, where past behavioural issues will not be referred to and students will be treated as we find them; by staff who understand and are committed to our overriding philosophy of ‘kindness and warmth’ and ‘compassion’.


Some students have complex needs requiring educational support at home while they adjust, adapt and integrate into college life. We work closely with these students in their own homes to build their confidence, enabling them to access the community. We are also able to provide the facilities for students to take academic qualifications in their own home if necessary.

Bespoke learning

Bespoke learning packages are designed around both academic and vocational courses and invariably are sufficiently flexible in order to accommodate individual learning styles for the students.

Our aim is to move away from the ‘can’t do’ and ‘can’t achieve’ attitude that the majority of newly referred youngsters display and move towards a ‘can do’ and ‘can achieve’ attitude that will lead to future success and greater personal wellbeing.


At both of Worcester and Tewkesbury, the vastness of our space allows us to accommodate a wide variety of vocational learning spaces. We have sufficient space and staff expertise to allow us to organise and run new courses within a short space of time.

From carpentry to brickwork, landscape gardening to boat maintenance, there’s plenty of flexible vocational courses available that can be changed to meet the desires of the students.

Norton College offers vocational courses to students in a variety of subjects.
Therapeutic environment

“Norton College is a space where students are supported through kindness and warmth and compassion to overcome previous difficulties and to achieve their goals.”

Ian Hardicker, Founder, Norton College

Winners in life think only: I can. I do. I will.