Ofsted information

We are proud to share with you the highlights of our most recent Ofsted inspection for Norton College Tewkesbury in July 2022 where the College was described as:

“Staff listen to and understand pupils’ social, emotional and mental health needs. They provide support to help them overcome any barriers to learning.”

The following are some of the very positive comments about Norton College Tewkesbury, taken from the Ofsted report:

  • “Teachers provide good support for pupils. As a result, pupils develop confidence in themselves as learners, sometimes for the first time.”
  • “Pupils are well prepared for the next stages of their education, employment or training.”
  • “Pupils and parents speak positively about the school and its culture.”
  • “Leaders maintain a strong focus on keeping pupils safe.”

Please find attached the most recent Ofsted report for Norton College Tewkesbury:

Norton College Tewkesbury Ofsted 2022

The report will be released on Ofsted’s website shortly, by following this link: