Ofsted information

We are proud to share with you the highlights of our most recent Ofsted inspection for Norton College Tewkesbury in November 2019 where the College was described as:

‘A calm and safe place for pupils to learn’

The following are some of the very positive comments about Norton College Tewkesbury, taken from the Ofsted report:

  • “The service you provide is so important to so many young people, enabling them to be included in a learning environment which can greatly improve their futures. Pupils recognise the help and support they get from staff. They are beginning to understand the importance of education and to enjoy their learning.”
  • “Pupils feel safe and staff keep them safe. Pupils know that they can talk to an adult about their worries and anxieties. They say bullying is rare, but they are confident that this would be sorted out quickly and effectively if it were to happen. Pupils talk about the many ways staff help them to regulate their emotions and behave well.”

Full Report

The full report can be accessed by following this link to the Ofsted website: