Here at Norton College Worcester, we support young people who are not able to benefit from mainstream education by removing the barriers to learning. Instead, we provide tailored learning packages designed to meet their specific and unique needs.

We have 66,000 square feet of previously-used factory space, office space and land that has been converted into a bespoke learning environment.

  • The Teaching and Learning Centre

    Our Learning Centre is a calm environment, used for one-to-one maths and English tuition.

    Students work on a one-to-one basis with a teacher/tutor focusing on English and maths from Entry Level 1, 2 & 3, Level 1 & 2 and GCSE.

    Learning is set at the student’s own pace and style and focuses first on improving self-confidence with aspects of learning.

    Staff are highly experienced with working with young people who find formal learning challenging and are skilled at finding the way that works for each individual.

  • Music rooms

    Norton College Worcester has two music rooms. One is used for creating and experimenting with mixing digital music using industrial standard equipment. The other is where students have the ability to learn to play traditional musical instruments.

  • Science suite

    Our Science suite includes 2 lab spaces and a learning space where students can focus on engaging science as well as Entry Level and GCSE sciences.

    The focus is on exciting, practical and investigative activities and can include Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

    Science learning is also undertaken in the natural environment including lakes, the allotment, fishing pools, woodlands, footpaths, the hills and the area local to the college.

  • Catering centre

    Our modern kitchens provide excellent facilities for food and technology courses, as well as options for students to study catering and hospitality, and to develop life skills.

  • Specialist bespoke areas

    There are two bespoke areas dedicated to meeting the complex needs of youngsters ‘statemented’ with Autism and other associated special needs. These ‘units’ include social areas, working areas and quiet areas for gaming etc.

    We have a number of vocational areas where students can undertake brickwork, woodwork, painting and decorating, den building, plastering and boat building.

    We have an Art area where students can learn about graffiti, drawing, painting and can complete art for relaxation as well as completing Entry Level or GCSE Art.

  • Sport and leisure facilities

    A large area of Norton College Worcester is dedicated to housing sports facilities. There are two large sports halls for tennis, badminton, basketball and 5-aside football. There is also a weights room, a dance and drama room, a boxing gym, the student common room and a DJ mixing studio.
    We also use local community sporting facilities such as the all-weather football pitches in Worcester and facilities such as bowling, snooker and fishing centres nearby.

  • Outdoor learning

    We give students opportunities to learn outside of the college including on farms, fishing lakes, woodlands, allotments, adventure playgrounds, sailing and kayaking lakes, local footpaths, canals, rivers and many more.

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Therapeutic environment

“We create an atmosphere of trust where students are able to gain confidence and develop their characters in a constructive and personable manner.”

Ian Hardicker, Founder, Norton College

Bespoke learning packages

We create bespoke learning programmes based around a student’s aims and aspirations to engage them purposefully in their learning and improve their outcomes. At Norton College Worcester, our bespoke learning packages are designed around both academic and vocational subjects and are flexible to accommodate individual learning styles for each student. Students will also experience and consolidate the many ‘soft skills’ or ‘character skills’ that are crucial for successful adulthood.

What we offer
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